Private rescue groups exist to take in, evaluate, provide vet care, correct behavior problems, humanely euthanize, when necessary, and find permanent homes for
stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered dogs, regardless of age, as space becomes available.

Some groups may be foster home based only and others may operate out of a permanent facility or both.  All are staffed by volunteers who do not profit personally
from rescue activities.

We are all guided by the following guidelines:

1)      Once a dog is accepted into a rescue program the following services should be provided before placement:

Spayed or neutered before placement. (including puppies)
Parasite free (internal and external)
Updated age appropriate vaccines
Heartworm tested negative.  Treated if necessary.
Clean, groomed and free of mats
Microchips are encouraged for all dogs.
Kept for an appropriate length of time to complete a temperament evaluation.
Any other medical services, such as dental cleanings, blood work, treatment for injuries, etc., that are deemed necessary to insure the health and comfort of the
dog in its new home.

2)   If a dog is ultimately deemed not adoptable to the public for reasons of extensive health or behavior problems we will insure that a veterinarian humanely
euthanizes the dog if it is not kept in one of our own hospice homes.

3)      We will always keep the best interests of the individual dog in mind when choosing an appropriate home and serve as the dogs advocate.

4)      An application will be required and reviewed.  A vet reference will be checked along with any personal references.  A home visit or drive by is encouraged.  This
will be done before placement of any dog.

5)      Copies of all medical records will be given and a contract that states the dog must be returned to the rescue if, at any time in its life, the new family cannot
keep or provide adequate care as provided for in the signed contract. 

6)      No registration papers will be given with any purebred dog.  Information will be provided on the AKC
ILP/Pal program for people interested in performance venues.  Obedience classes are encouraged for most family pets.

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